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Electronic Mail and Small-Group FeedbackTextbook ChapterTeaching Writing: Theories and Practices. New York: HarperCollins1994-03-10
Baja for BeginnersTravelStanford Magazine1993-09-15
The Captain's TableTravelStanford Magazine1992-12-10
Books That Made a Difference: "Tristram Shandy"Book ReviewStanford Magazine1992-06-12
Congressional Hearings Spotlight Federal Support for Educational R&DArticleEducational Researcher, January-February 1990, American Educational Research Association1990-01-30
The Annotated Book Jacket Blurbs for "Seduction by Light"Book Review(Review of Al Young) Palo Alto Weekly1989-05-10
A New Voice EmergesBook Review(Review of Ehud Havazelet) Palo Alto Weekly1988-06-08
The Once and Future Queen: Feminism in King Arthur's CourtBook Review(Review of Persia Woolley) Palo Alto Weekly1987-09-09
Small BusinessBook Review(Review of Tom Parker) Palo Alto Weekly1987-05-13
Vector: A Thriller in ParadiseBook Review(Review of Rob Swigart) Palo Alto Weekly1987-03-11
AmadeusTheater ReviewPalo Alto Weekly1987-01-14
Family Life in the 80s from a Gay PerspectiveBook Review(Review of David Leavitt) Palo Alto Weekly1986-11-12
Stanford Waits for Godot: Celebrating Samuel Beckett at 80ArticleCover feature, Palo Alto Weekly1986-05-21
An Unauthorized Peek Behind the Iron CurtainTravelPalo Alto Weekly1985-11-06

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